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Frolov's Respiration Lung Training Device
Manufacturer: Frolov's
Model Number: FROLOV
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Frolov's Respiration Lung Strength Training Breathing Device. This device is a FDA listed device in the USA! We have learn how to fight RESPIRATORY related DISEASES (asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, hypoxia, asphyxia, suffocation, short breath, etc.) without pills and medication! It is widely acknowledged that respiratory trainings are a very effective way to restore the body health at any age. From the ancient times people have created many respiratory techniques, which include more than 900 approaches and methods. Based on contemporary scientific research we have developed the UNIFYING respiratory Technique and Frolov's Respiration Training Device ® for the application of the Technique. Being healthy does not only mean being spared from diseases and physical defects, but it means being in a state of total physical, spiritual and social well-being. (From the Statute of World Health Organization). Frolov's Respiration Training Device promotes to increase functional reserves of an organism, due to training respiratory and cardiovascular systems, normalization of exchange processes. Result: long-term strengthening and improvement of health. If you have any questions about this product, please give us a call (701)223-9936 or Toll Free (800)355-2956.

A new high-tech Frolov's device with a full set of healing factors is probably the most modern and technically advanced device of its kind for breathing exercises in the world today.

1. The beaker of the device:
The beaker of the device allows not only performing breathing exercises with resistance through water, but also having hot inhalations with medicinal herbs and aroma therapeutic oils. The design of the beaker allows for a comfortable and reliable grip on the device during sessions.

2. The chamber of the device:
The chamber is one of the major parts of the breathing device. A meticulous calculation of the bottom of the structure and, especially, of its orifices (diameters, multi-graded position, etc.) provide for the opportunity of a gradual change of breath resistance at inhalation and exhalation. This allows for an opportunity to select an optimal mode of exercise both for healthy, physically fit people and for the seriously ill patients, and even for pre-school age children. Thanks to the new design of the chamber it has never been easier to choose custom exercise parameters for oneself.

3. The oil container of the device:
The oil container is a brand new component of the respiration device. The oil container helps to significantly expand the capabilities of the breathing device and to use it in the capacity of an inhaler. The design of the oil container was developed taking into account aerodynamics of closed space of the device and allows having aromatherapy and inhalations with essential oils with the greatest effect. Only a minimal amount of oil is required. It is used for 100%. Besides, due to three independent compartments for oil, the design allows to apply the latest method of aromatherapy and multi-separate evaporation of essential oils, which ensures better effectiveness of aromatherapy.

4. The cover of the device:
The cover of the breathing device performs several important functions. First, the cover is the main connecting element for the breathing device's structure. Due to the accuracy of assembly, the cover ensures safe fastening of all the elements of the structure in an assembled condition. Secondly, the cover is a functional element that ensures the right proportion of the air mixture components in the device during exercises. Orifices on the perimeter of the cover ensure even airflow circulation inside the device during breathing exercises. During aromatherapy sessions they ensure even airflow above the essential oils container, which provides for a steady concentration of aromatic substances in the inhaled air.

5. The breathing tube of the device:
The design of the breathing tube was developed to ensure comfortable exercises. Its corrugated surface allows taking a comfortable position even when lying. At the same time, a proper working position of the device is ensured. Apart from that, the breathing tube is a part of the device's aerodynamic design and it provides an additional necessary volume for the creation of air mix during exercise and a certain load resistance.

6. The mouthpiece of the device:
The latest design and psychological shape of the mouthpiece allows easy and convenient holding it with lips. It eliminates the strain for facial muscles at prolonged (20 - 30 min) exercises; it is comfortable for the use of both children and persons with a weakened function of facial muscles (as a consequence of strokes, traumas and neuritis). Its ergonomic indicators are at a highest contemporary level and allow for comfortable exercise by children, adults and the elderly.

How Does It Work?
Being the most important function of the body, breathing ensures maintenance of the optimum level of redox processes in cells, as well as that of cell (endogenous) respiration. Lungs ventilation and respiratory metabolism between the organism's cells and the atmosphere take place in the process of breathing; delivery of atmospheric oxygen to cells is performed. This oxygen is used by cells in metabolic reactions (molecule oxidizing).

At the same time, carbon dioxide is produced. It is partially used by our cells and partially transferred to blood and subsequently removed through lungs. Specialized organs participate in the provision of the breathing process (nose, lungs, diaphragm, heart) and so do cells (erythrocytes — red blood corpuscles containing hemoglobin, special protein for oxygen transferring, nerve cells that react to the content of carbon dioxide in blood-chemoreceptors of blood vessels and brain nerve cells that form a respiratory center).

Formally the process of breathing can be divided into three major stages: external respiration, gas transportation (oxygen and carbon dioxide) by blood (between lungs and cells) and tissue respiration (oxidizing of various substances in cells). External respiration is gas metabolism between the body and the surrounding atmospheric air. Transportation of gases by blood. The main carrier of oxygen is hemoglobin-a protein that is contained inside erythrocytes. With the aid of hemoglobin up to 20% of carbon dioxide is transported as well. Tissue or "internal" respiration. This process can be formally divided into two components: gas metabolism between blood and tissues, oxygen consumption by cells and carbon dioxide emission (intracellular, endogenous respiration).

The function of breathing can be characterized taking into account the parameters that are directly related to breathing-the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide, lungs ventilation indicators (frequency and rhythm of breathing, minute-by-minute breathing volume). Obviously, well-being is determined by the condition of the breathing function, and reserve capabilities of the organism, health reserves depend on the reserve capabilities of the breathing system. It is necessary to maintain the appropriate level of ventilation and gas metabolism process, as well as the reserve capabilities of the respiratory system in order to stay healthy. This can be achieved by means of breathing exercises, in the process of which basic parameters of breathing are modified.

Results of clinical examinations and longstanding practical application of the inhaler testify to its high efficiency in healing the diseases of respiratory organs, blood circulation, nervous system and metabolism disruptions, enhancement of reserve capabilities of the organism and mitigation of ageing processes. Studies of children bronchial asthma and vegetative-vascular dystonia in Roszdrav clinics have shown a positive influence not only on ventilation and gas metabolism, but also on the immune system and on the functions of the vegetative nervous system.

- Bronchial conductance, normal ventilation and gas metabolism are recovered.
- Short breath, coughing and asphyxia disappear, medication consumption for chronic respiratory organs disorders decrease by 60% - 80%.
- Activity of allergic inflammation in bronchial tubes decreases.
- Blood supply to myocardium and brain and the condition of capillary blood circulation are normalized.
- Blood, lymph and spinal fluid circulation is significantly improved.
- Indicators of electrocardiogram, cardiointervalography, renovasography, blood pressure and pulse are improved.
- A favorable effect on the condition of vegetative nervous system and normalization of indicators of the vegetative nervous system's tonus is noted.
- Recovery of normal regulatory capabilities of nervous and humoral systems of the organism, improvement of oxygen saturation of blood, elimination of hypoxia.
- Psycho-emotional state is improved (elevation of mood and work capability, normalization of sleep, lowered irritability).
- Cell metabolism and metabolism are improved.
- Favorable effect of the inhaling device on the dynamics of humoral immunity indicators has been established.
- Lowered misbalance of serum antibodies and indicators of peripheral blood, normalization of local immunity.
- Adaptational capabilities of the organism are increased.
- Ageing processes in the organism are slowed down.

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5 star rating Wonderful 8/20/2010
Patricia - Columbus Ohio
I have used this device for four days so far and I see many changes. My sinuses have opened. An earache from swimming so much has been eliminated. Some leg muscle aches have diminished. My breathing appears more rhythmic and deeper. My digestion and excretion is better as well. I'm sure with continued use, I will see many more affects of this wonderful product.
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