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Life Energy P.E. BAL EMF Field Protection Pyramid
Manufacturer: Life Energy
Model Number: PEBAL
Our Price: $149.00
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Life Energy P.E. BAL EMF Field Protection Pyramid Energy Balancer. The p.e.bal generates a protective energy field of over 18 yards (18 metres) radius. You will be able to feel this energy with your hands. It uses no batteries. It has no moving parts. It requires no maintenance. Every home and work place should have one. Life-energy, also known as Ki, Chi, Prana, or Orgone energy is, many believe, the basic building block of life as we know it. Have enough of it pulsing in and around your body and you will almost certainly be healthy and vital. Have too little or too unbalanced life-energy and you will more than likely be unwell or depressed. Thanks to some pioneering work over the last century or so, we are now starting on the path of being able to manipulate this energy for our own benefit. This has given rise to simple energy devices that effectively direct and balance this energy to heal anything from a sick person to a sick building, with startling results. Along with energy balancing, these devices also offer EMF protection and can help with insomnia. If you have any questions about this item please feel free to call us (800)355-2956. 

This is the now the strongest device that Life Energy produces. The p.e.bal represents an evolution in energy balancing technology that is unique to Life Energy. It still owes its major function to Wilhelm Reich's energy-moving technology but this has been dramatically enhanced using a combination of vortex and pyramid geometry technology. The p.e.bal starts to move energy over 4km away, meaning that your home or work place is a simple job for it. It has a protective energy field of about 18m (19.5 yards) radius - more than adequate to protect a house or most buildings. Despite its power, the p.e.bal is very compact at only 4cm (1.57") high with 6cm x 6cm (2.36") at the base (approx). It is cast in pewter and engraved with symbols representing healing and balancing.

- Promotes deep and restful sleep.
- Protects your home or workplace from EMF / Geopathic stress.
- Makes any house into a peaceful and harmonious home.
- Radiates tangible energy without batteries or wiring!!! (feeling is believing).
- Disguises itself as a great looking ornament for the home or workplace.
- Clears buildings/land of disturbed energy.
- Assists any healing process.
- It comes with a free hand woven palm leaf trinket box.


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