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16' Fiberglass Heavy Duty Telescoping Flag Pole w/ Ground Mount
Manufacturer: Poles & Holders
Model Number: 16'GROUNDMOUNT
Our Price: $89.95
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16' Heavy Duty Fiberglass Telescoping Flag Pole w/ GROUND MOUNT, Silver Ball Finale & American Flag. (Flagpole Pictured on Left). After 4 years we have "Raised the Bar" with what has already become an instant hit. We designed this rigid fiberglass flag pole to handle the most demanding winds found in the desert and sea side locations. The top section is approximately 1” in diameter and the bottom section is just less than 2” in diameter. It was designed to fit snuggly into all our 16” Series Mounts without the need for rubber spacers or protective sleeves to make it fit correctly. This shiny metallic grey pole collapses down from 16 Feet to 50 inches for easy storage in your RV. Not only is it easy to store, it only weighs 4 Pounds. If you have any questions regarding this flag pole please give us a call (800)355-2956.

This versatile holder holds the 16' heavy duty fiberglass pole. Just push or hammer into the ground and you’re done! Made in America. These 3'x5' flags are made from polyester for the outdoors. Comes complete with eye holes for hanging and is light weight for those insane dune winds.

- 16' Heavy duty fiberglass flag pole
- Ground mount
- 3' X 5' American Flag
- Shiny 4"chrome ball for the top of flag
- 3 Revolving collars with easy open clips to attach your flags
- 1 Year Warranty against all defects in materials!

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