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BelleCore Honeybelle Fit Body Buffer Cellulite Exfoliation Bodybuffing Massager
Manufacturer: BelleCore
Model Number: BELLECORE
Our Price: $299.00
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The HoneyBelle Fit bodybuffer kit can be used for fitness, wellness and spa benefits.

Used pre and post exercise it will prep muscle by providing a deep tissue massage and increasing circulation. It helps to increase performance and speeds muscle recovery by flushing metabolic waste /lactic acid build up from stressed tissue and muscles. Circulation and lymphatic drainage are enhanced and edema/swelling is decreased. The terrycloth covered bonnet spins eccentrically at 2,500-3,100 rpm and also incorporates a percussion stroke to send vibrations deep into the muscles. This spinning action sloughs away dead skin cells leaving skin looking and feeling healthier and fresher.

When using to combat cellulite use 3-4 minutes twice a day to slowly stretch and relax the dermal bands that anchor the skin causing the dimples and ridges so characteristic of cellulite. Collagen production is increased helping to diminish fine lines wrinkles and stretch marks.

Do not use if on powerful blood thinners. Do not use on head or face. Do not use on breasts, top of spinal column. Keep the spinning pad clear of long hair, jewelry or loose clothing. If pregnant consult your physician. Read the owners manual before using the bodybuffer. Easy, effective and convenient, rapidly producing results. If you have any questions please call us at (701)223-9936 or Toll Free (800)355-2956.

- One optional yellow terrycloth pad liner
- Two white terrycloth bonnets
- One 4 oz. tube of Fit Hydrating Crème
- An Instructional DVD
- Owners Manual
- A sporty mesh carry sack.

A study was conducted by Market Reader Pro. They selected 25 women to test the device for 30 days. The study findings revealed there was a statistically significant decrease in the amount of “lumpiness” recorded. Over 70% reported an improvement of appearance and 95% noted their legs felt smooth after using the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer: When looking at “level of lumpiness” before and after 4 weeks of treatment, there was a statistically significant difference in the reduction of cellulite lumpiness (2.74 vs 2.30 p=0.013). This was a scale of 1-5 with 5 being extremely lumpy, 4 very lumpy, 3 somewhat lumpy, 2 not very and 1 no lumpiness.

- 70% said they noticed improvement after 4 weeks.
- 67% said it worked better than product they used in the past.
- 70% said they would recommend to a friend or family

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5 star rating Winner 5/11/2015
It feels good, very effective, does what it says, 5 minutes makes your sore muscles relax very quickly.. like spending a day in the massage parlor. love this thing
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