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MindField MindLight Light & Sound Audio Visual Stimulation Mind System
Manufacturer: MindField
Model Number: MINDLIGHTS
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The MindLights® represent a modern form of audio-visual stimulation. The so called mind-machines are an effective way of stimulating cognitive and emotional states of consciousness. The basic idea is about the stimulation of the central nervous system through interchangeable signals of light and sound. For operation of the MindLights® the user wears a special LED-mask and headphones.

- Made and Manufacturered in Germany 
- Music Background
- Visual variations 
- Duration of Session 
- Lights Stimulation 
- Frequency Variations 
- Color Variation 
- Phase Variation 
- Respiratory Support 
- Modulation of Tones 
- Noise Selection 

In the strive for a more relaxed, stress reduced daily routine, these devices are a great help for users, who want to induce relaxation, peace of mind and overall wellbeing. Audio-visual stimulation is increasingly used as a support during medical treatment. The MindLights® are state of the art products, allowing the inexperienced user an easy access and giving the sophisticated user a multitude of possibilities for adapting the stimulation. The last couple of years proved great results for the study of audio-visual stimulation. A multitude of diseases, such as tinnitus, AD(H)D, chronic stress-, and burn-out syndrome, depressions and migrem were analysed under the influence of audio-visual stimulation and many positive effects were observed. 

The Mindfield® MindLights® are wholesome products that can be used as a support during medical therapy, after consultation with a physician. In the medical field audio-visual stimulation is used for: Minimizing stress, the relaxation of muscles, therapy-preparation, hypnosis therapy and reducing fear of operations etc. But the medical field is not the only area of application. Many of our customers have reported an inprovement of their sleep, an improvement of their learning capability, and an enhanced ability for visualization such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP). The psychosomatic effects are similar to those of autogenic training, but usualy are much faster in their appearance during audio-visual stimulation. 


As the name audio-visual stimulation already implies, it is a stimulating procedure. The effects of a session are usualy limited to the duration of the application and a couple of hours afterwards. Whereas neurofeedback and biofeedback implicate a learning process that can last from a few weeks up to several years. In addition, neurofeedback and biofeedback influence many different parameters and can therefore be applied more specifically. Audio-visual stimulation is perfect for private users since it is faster, and easier to use. In conclusion, we can say that audio-visual stimulation is a useful addition to neurofeedback and biofeedback during a therapeutical treatment. It is not recommended as an independent therapy but the same also counts for neurofeedback and biofeedback.


The handling of the MindLights® is very easy. You just need a PC or a laptop to use them. The laptop does not require any special features. We provide you with a USB-stick that has the necessary software, allowing you to make individual adjustments to your session. The MindLights® LED-mask is connected to a free USB-port of your PC or laptop and then, you only have to put on the headphones which you connect to the LED-mask. The MindLights® are operated by the PC or the laptop during the stimulation. 


The Mindlights® are equiped with a software that helps you to make changes to the stimulation. It is installed on a USB-stick. The Mindlights® LED-mask is connected to a free USB-port of your PC/laptop and the headphones are plugged in to the mask. During the session the Mindlights® are controlled by your computer. On the one hand, we created the software to provide inexperienced users with a quick and easy approach to the subject. Within a few moments the user can chose from various styles, depending on the goal he wishes to achieve. On the other hand, we developed a comprehensive tool providing experienced users with numerous possibiities in manipulating and individualizing the sessions to their personal favors and needs. Importing your own audio tracks and chosing a breathing-pattern aid are only two of many examples how to change the predefined stimulations. Among the adjustable parameters are: the colors used during the stimulation, such as the intensity of visual and acoustic effects. A session can be executed through a predefined pattern or through the manual creation of an entirely new session. Scope of delivery includes some demo-sessions.

- MindLights® USB-stick incl. software, driver unit & manual (PDF)
- MindLights® LED-mask
- MindLights® headphones
- MindLights® manual 
- MindLights® cleaning tissue
- MindLights® case
- MindLights® quick-start poster

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