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Cardionics Viscope Visual Electronic Stethoscope with visual Phonocardiogram
Manufacturer: Cardionics
Model Number: 718-7900
Our Price: $495.99
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Cardionics is pleased to announce the introduction of the first visual electronic stethoscope. ViScope™ is a digital electronic stethoscope which amplifies sounds 30 times louder than an acoustic scope and provides a visual display of the phonocardiogram or phonopneumogram. Visualization assists the listener in identifying the position of clicks, rubs, knocks, snaps or murmurs in the cardiac cycle. Murmurs such as aortic stenosis, aortic regurgitation or mitral regurgitation are clearly seen. Pediatric sounds including atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect and primary pulmonary hypertension are easily identifed. Please e-mail or call me at (701)223-9936 with any questions or concerns you may have about using this state of the art stethoscope.

Simply place the stethoscope on the chest and, as the sounds are detected, the phonocardiogram of heart sounds will be displayed on the screen. Sounds can be downloaded to the ViScope-100 Software™ for storage and recall. With a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the software allows the trace to be enlarged for a better view. Calipers allow measurement of events such as the opening snap of mitral stenosis. 

- Software– Allows for storage and recall of patient information and includes printable patient specific reports. Runs on Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems. 
- Rechargable Battery- Operates for approximately 8 hours on a fully-charged battery. The battery charger is included and will recharge in approximately 5 hours.

Manufactured by HD Medical

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