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Bierley MPD-12 Electronic Magnifier Photo Frame Digital Clock LCD Monitor
Manufacturer: Bierley
Model Number: MPDCRA
Our Price: $647.00
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The MPD-12 is an all new concept of multi-function low vision magnification products! The MPD-12 was specifically developed for ultra convenient use in the kitchen. However, of course it is just as well suited in any room of a house or even on an office desk. Weighing a mere 28 ounces, the ultra light weight screen can be easily mounted on any wall to maximize counter or desk space. Switching between magnifier, photo frame and digital clock is a one button operation. The MPD-12 makes a sensible and practical addition to whatever magnifier you may already have or it could easily be the first and only magnifier that you need in your home or office. If you have any questions about this item, please give us a call (800)355-2956.

- 12" screen
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- Cool LED backlit
- Magnification 9x
- Full color magnification
- Full color photo frame
- Stores up to 1000 pictures
- Big display digital clock
- Easy clean remote control
- Ultra lightweight robust housing
- Desk stand or wall mount
- 1GB USB drive included

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