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Bierley S-7 Electronic Magnifier Color LCD Monitor
Manufacturer: Bierley
Model Number: S-7 Color
Our Price: $549.00
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The large screen and rubber coated housing, with flip out stand, make the S-7-Color ideal to use anywhere in your home or take along on vacation. There are two main ways to use a S-7-Color. You can lay it on a newspaper and slide it along to read or with the camera in your hand, you can flip out the leg at the back of the S-7-Color and stand it at the top of a book while reading. It is of course ideal for looking at just about anything, such as bottles, packets, labels or instructions. And because the camera clips at the top of the screen, it is also very convenient for looking at collectables, stamps, coins and so on. If you have any questions about this item, please give us a call (800)355-2956.

- Big, 7" non-glare screen
- Full color
- Crisp, clear image
- Simple, easy to use brightness and contrast controls
- Variable optical magnification
- Extremely easy to use
- Can be stood at the top of a book or laid flat on a newspaper
- Ideal for writing or signing checks and documents
- Robust, CE Approved and Built to Last

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