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Echofone Ultrasound Tranducer Sound Amplifier Echophone
Manufacturer: Echofone
Model Number: ECHOFONE
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Echofone Ultrasound Tranducer Sound Learning Amplifier Ultrasonic Neuropathic Stimulator. The Echofone generates the sensation of sound through neural induction, without any mechanical stimulation of the listener’s eardrums. The Echofone extends your hearing perception to sounds well above anyone’s hearing range. Music and sound from any high quality source comes alive with astonishing fidelity and dimension. Echofone is a straightforward distribution amplifier. Echofone enables the listener to articulate higher frequencies and overtones via skin and bone conduction. Just like sound tables that reproduce a low frequency vibro-tactile experience, Echofone reproduces a high frequency vibro-tactile experience. We back every Echofone that we sell with our 100% money back guarantee. If you have any questions please call us at (800)355-2956. 

With the Echofone you can hear sound before the transducers make contact with the body. And, when the transducers make contact, you will experience these higher frequencies and overtones not processed via the ear canal. The perceptual expansion of overtones above your normal hearing range adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, you can close your eyes and perceive where instruments in a recorded orchestra actually are in space. Remarkable, but true!

Using the Echofone adds a realism much in the same context as attending a live concert. Much information about the position of sounds in the recording environment is encoded in the overtones. These overtones can often be above your normal hearing range, however with the Echofone you are able to perceive them. This perceptual expansion adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, with the Echofone you can close your eyes and actually sense where the instruments are located in a recorded orchestration. This can significantly affect one's emotional response to music because it involves you more within the music itself, resulting in a more profound psychologically and, perhaps, physiologically effect. The results are enhanced tone, crispness and depth … greatly amplifying the fidelity of quality recordings. If you have any high frequency hearing loss, such as damage caused by exposure to loud sounds, Echofone allows perception of the full dynamic range of music without missing the high frequencies. Recommended for: sound therapy sessions, programs with binaural beats, listening to high quality recordings of music, learning languages and other instances where extremely faithful reproduction is required.

Feed the Brain and the Body through the Ear:
The Echofone ensures that the healing effect of music reaches the psychological level of human hearing in the body. Music's overtones (high-frequency tones that you may not even notice) can profoundly energize and invigorate our ears, brain and total body. The Echofone Ultrasonic Listening System reproduces the fine structural information which is contained in these overtones, and has a direct effect on the emotions of the listener. Echofone provides a micro-massage to the middle ear and stimulation to the inner ear, enhancing alertness in the temporal lobe of the human brain. This produces an immediate, neurological effect in many areas of the body as well as on the psychological level of human hearing due to the particular organic specification of the ear and brain.

Echofone Includes:
- User's Guide
- Echofone Amplifier
- Ultrasound Transducers
- Adjustable Headband
- 110V AC Adapter
- Audio Cable
- Headphone Adapter

Trode Output:
- 400 Hz to 100,000+ Hz frequency response
- 3 watts output/channel, typical
- Bridge-tied load (BTL) output configuration
- Trode signal is 30 volts peak-to-peak when the volume is set at 60% or higher

Echofone with Sennheiser Headphones specifications: - Fully modular for long life
- BioNetic - headphones adapt to the shape of the head
- Duofol technology virtually eliminates standing waves
- Neodymium magnets for powerful dynamics
- Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils for highest transient response and vivid, smooth and warm sound reproduction
- New damping element for controlling the diaphragm oscillation, optimally matches the headphones to all sound sources
- Detachable, robust, single-sided connection cable made from kevlar-reinforced oxygen-free copper (OFC)
- Frequency Response 15-28,000 Hz
- Transducer Principle Dynamic, open
- Nominal impedance 120 ohm
- Characteristic SPL @ 1 kHz 95 dB
- Load rating 100 mW
- THD < 0.2%
- Ear coupling Circumaural
- Contact Pressure Approx. 3.5 N
- Weight (without cable) 7.4 oz
- Connector 1/8" stereo mini jack plug with adapter to 1/4" stereo jack plug
- Connection cable 10 ft. detachable single-sided OFC cable



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