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MTS CR3 Micro Needle Roller FDA Skin Therapy System Microneedling
Manufacturer: Clinical Resolution
Model Number: MTSCR3
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In A Sealed Hermetic Gamma Pouch MTS CR3 (0.3mm) Micro Needle Roller Personal Use FDA Skin Therapy System. At the heart of Microneedle Therapy System (MTS) is our patented MTS Roller – a unique ‘Type I’ FDA-approved supplemental medical tool that is ideal for non-surgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. Clinical studies have shown MTS (microneedle therapy system) to be more effective than ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peel and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like IPL, CO2 laser, and Fraxel in stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken the skin thereby erasing wrinkles and smoothing scars. If you have any questions please give us a call (800)355-2956.

- 0.3mm Microneedle in a carrying case
- MTS Sterilizing Solution (4 fl.oz.)
- Roller Cleaning Tray
- Cleaning Brush.

MTS Roller uses 200 very fine needles to injures the skin sufficiently enough to stimulate collagen/elastin production. Resulting micro-channels also aid in infusing therapeutic serums for greater penetration and increasing overall efficacy. Clinical studies from Europe, U.S. and South Korea have proven that serum absorption is increased by as much as 1,000 times when applied with MTS Roller. Clinical studies have also shown that treatment with MTS Roller is more consistent in increasing the thickness of the skin than IPL and other resurfacing treatments.

- MTS Rollers are revolutionary.
- They do the same job that lasers and other ablative methods by increasing the production of collagen with minimal damage to the protective layer of the skin.
- MTS Rollers are effective. In fact, just as effective as lasers, IPL, Thermage and other ‘machinebased’ treatments, but at a fraction of the cost to patients.
- MTS Rollers are safe. “Non-surgical and non-ablative” means more ‘forgiving’ and skin-friendly treatments.
- Patients experience little or no pain, downtime, and risk for complications.

MTS Roller is a durable and high-quality precision tool. The barrel and handle are made from Lexan® polycarbonate resin. The axle is polished stainless steel axle. The 200 bristles (needles) – the highest count of any roller – are made from surgical stainless steel. A patented manufacturing process holds the needles permanently in place to within 0.02mm of the specified length from the roller base. All rollers have unique quality-control serial numbers.

Fast Recuperative Power! The gentle stimulus provided by the MTS Roller is far more “skin friendly” and thus far more effective than many other more invasive and more expensive skin treatments. MTS Roller leaves the entire epidermal barrier fully intact; micro-channels created by 200 precision surgical steel needles seal within hours after application: long enough for new collagen-structures to form within the lower layers of the skin and short enough to allow the patient to resume normal schedules quickly. MTS Rollers eliminate all common negative side effects and risks associated with chemical peeling, dermabrasion, and laser-resurfacing. The skin is thicker and ready sooner for additional treatment.

- MTS Roller is cost-effective compared to conventional treatments – in some cases, less than 10% the cost of other treatments like laser resurfacing.
- MTS Roller lasts longer than other rollers, our patented design and superior materials gives MTS Roller twice the lifespan of most other roller brands
- Up to 6 months lifespan if you follow our simple cleaning and care instructions.
- MTS Roller is the highest quality roller on the market today, made from surgical quality Lexan and the highest quality surgical steel available in the world.
- MTS Roller is a safer product than other rollers, manufactured under strict ISO9001 standards in our own high-tech clean room facility.
- MTS Roller is versatile treatment alternative, applied to a wide range of skin conditions including depressed acne scarring, surgical scars, sun-damaged skin, uneven skin texture, uneven skin coloration (pigmentation), wrinkles and “smile” lines, stretch marks, and cellulite.

- There are no known negative side-effects
- Extremely high absorption of any type of chemical substance
- Collagen induction through controlled mechanical stimulation of the dermis
- It can be used on thin skin
- It can be used on face, neck and body
- Realignment of old collagen bundles
- Complete preservation of the epidermis during the procedure
- No permanent damage to the skin, no pain during procedure
- No bleeding, infection, discoloration or other complications on the treated area
- Enhances Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis treatments
- Can be used to boost the effects after a Medical Collagen Induction Therapy
- This type of needling can be done on people who have had laser resurfacing
- Can be used on areas of the skin where laser resurfacing can not reach
- Only 24-48 hours healing period completed next day and patient can go into public
- Only 3-5 days protection from ultraviolet light.


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