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L&R Ultrasonics LE36 Firearm Gun Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Manufacturer: L&R Ultrasonics
Model Number: LE36
Our Price: $11,699.00
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We are an AUTHORIZED L&R ULTRASONICS DISTRIBUTOR and are licensed in the state of North Dakota. L&R has been the leader in Ultrasonics for over 75 years. Law Enforcement Line (LE) systems are manufactured with vinyl-clad steel housings, stainless steel tanks and premium system components. Their contemporary design and quiet operation are what sets these cleaners apart. The LE line is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, all defects in materials or workmanship are covered for 2 1/2 years.We carry the entire line of L&R cleaners so please contact us if you are in need of a larger or different model and we can start an auction for that particular model. The LE 36 Ultrasonic Cleaning System offers the best cleaning & lubricating of handguns and revolvers available. Powered with Ultrasonics, the LE-36 reaches all surfaces of the handgun including those that are hard to access by hand. L&R has made ultrasonic cleaning of firearms easier than ever before. A perfect item for the avid gun collector, hunter, police department or gunsmith. Please e-mail or call us at (701)223-9936 with any questions or concerns you may have about using this industrial grade cleaner. 

L&R SweepZone technology uses “Smart Circuit,” a custom-engineered electronic component that creates Constant Power Output (CPO) for consistent, uniform cleaning. This technology incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which enables our SweepZone Ag Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems to sense cleaning loads, solution level and voltage fluctuations. What does that mean? Our SweepZone Ag cleaning systems automatically adjust to different conditions to create uniform cleaning power—eliminating hot spots and weak areas.

SweepZone Performance:
Automatically controlled frequency changes create an ultrasonic cleaning "grid" which literally "sweeps" through the entire tank, unlike the pattern created by traditional ultrasonic systems. The result is total cleaning, which means constant power and consistent output.
- Use a special cleaning wave of +/- 2KHz energy that sweeps back and forth through the tank
- Provide complete cavitation
- Provide aggressive cleaning action

Sportsman/Range & Gun Dealer Firearm Cleaning:
Ultrasonic cleaning provides weapon owners and gunsmiths with a high-tech approach to keeping their guns in optimal condition. The process of ultrasonic cleaning literally strips the crud, grease, residue, carbon, oils and black powder from weapons ranging from handguns to shotguns. The appeal of ultrasonic gun cleaning is its ability to clean and lubricate difficult areas that manual methods can't. Plus, most manual cleaning solutions are petroleum based, difficult to dispose and aggressive on the hand. For gun shop owners who want to save time, increase efficiency and money, ultrasonic cleaning is the profitable solution. L&R Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are used in every sector of firearms cleaning including: Police Departments, Armorers, Firing Ranges, Military, City, State and Federal Agencies, Gun Dealers, Gunsmiths, Gun Enthusiasts, Sporting Goods Stores, Collectors, Firearms Manufacturers and Prisons.

- 36" x 6" x 8" internal size of tank
- Holds (10) handguns or (4) long gun parts up to 36"
- LE-36 Full Size Lubricating Pan with anti-splash dampers
- LE-36 1/2 Size Weapon Pan
- LE-36 1/2 Size Weapon Basket
- LE-36 1/2 Size Cover
- LE-36 Ultrasonic Weapon Cleaning System which includes with SweepZone® Technology which includes Tank, Generator, Timer, Heat, Drain & Cover
- Weapons Rack with 5 adjustable compartments and drain hose.
- Weapon/Lubricating Racks (adjustable compartments for accommodating various size weapons)
- Stainless steel chamber construction
- High-reliabilty composite transducers
- Digital timer with memore cycle
- Thermostatically controlled heater
- CA2 Heat to optimize and accelerate the cleaning process
- Drip-proof flanges on tank
- 4 gallons of weapon cleaning solution (makes 44 gallons of solution)
- 8 gallons of weapon lubricating solution
- Heated ultrasonic cleaning for best results
- Designed for the recreational shooter, law enforcement, hunters, hobbyist, collector, sportsman
- Cleans and lubricates hands-free in minutes
- Powered with Sweep Ultrasonics
- ETL approved


Balkowitsch Enterprises, Inc. was founded in November 1998. Since then we have grown into a multi-million dollar a year retail and online company and represent some of the finest product lines available. Our years of experience allow us to support a world-wide customer base. It is our goal to offer quality items at affordable prices and provide a level of customer service that is unparalleled.

If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance, please contact us. We have sold over 750,000 items online and pride ourselves in customer service. We back everything we sell with our 100% guarantee.

Shane Balkowitsch is a Registered Nurse and manages all medical, health and wellness related product lines.

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