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Crest Ultrasonic 10 Gallon Industrial Cleaner
Manufacturer: Crest Ultrasonics
Model Number: 4HT-1218-12
Our Price: $8,599.00

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Crest Ultrasonics 10 Gallon Genesis Industrial Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner. The model of the tank is 4HT-1218-12 and the Model CG-1000-40 ultrasonic generator. A generator, transducer, and tank make up an ultrasonic cleaning system, and Crest's systems are designed to provide the most effective precision cleaning results. We are an AUTHORIZED CREST ULTRASONICS DISTRIBUTOR and are licensed in the state of North Dakota. We carry the entire line of Crest cleaners so please contact us if you are in need of a larger or different model and we can start an auction for that particular model. A perfect cleaner for all large industrial grade applications. Crest as been making high-end ultrasonic equipment since 1961. This ultrasonic cleaner can be used on top of a counter, or you can counter sink this unit into any counter top. Please e-mail or call us at (701)223-9936 with any questions or concerns you may have about using this industrial grade cleaner. These units are brand new in a sealed box and HAVE NEVER been used or on display.

SPECIFICATIONS: Model 4HT-1218-12 - Heated Ultrasonic Tank:
- Tank Dimensions: 12" left to right by 18" front to back by 12" deep, 10” liquid depth.
- Tank Capacity: 9.35 gallons.
- Skirt Dimensions: 15" left to right by 21" front to back by 16.25" high.
- Tank Material: 14 gauge, 316L stainless steel bright-annealed finish.
- Skirt Material: 20 gauge, 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish.
- Heat: 2000 watts of strip heat
- Temperature control: A Bi-metal thermostat located on the tank skirt
- Ultrasonic Frequency: 40 kHz.
- Ultrasonic Power: 1000 watts of power provided by twelve (12), ceramicaly enhanced piezoelectric transducer modules

- Standard Features: 1" wide flange around top edge of protective skirt
- Tank bottom sloped to drain.
- 3/4” fill and drain ports.
- Two (2) 6' long of coaxial cables to connect to the ultrasonic generator.
- A 6' long power cable.
- Power requirements: 120 volts/60 Hz/1 phase, 16.66 amps.

Model CG-1000-40 - Ultrasonic Generator:
- Generator Dimensions: 5.75" left to right by 16" front to back by 12" high.
- Generator Frequency: 40 kHz
- Generator Power: 1000 watts
- Misc. Features: Solid state construction, high efficiency circuit with low heat dissipation.
- RFI filter (in compliance with FCC regulations).
- Patented constant power circuit design monitors power output continuously adjusting input power for controlled consistency.
- Axial cooling fan (27 CFM).
- Lighted on/off switch.
- Rear panel mounted full and half wave selector switch.
- Adjustable, front panel-mounted, amplitude power intensity control.
- Factory-set Tru-SweepTM sweep frequency at ± 1 kHz around the base frequency.
- Power requirements: 120 volts/60 Hz/1 phase. (An independent power cord with plugs - each 8.3 amps.)

- Provides the optimum environment for precision cleaning with extended service life.
- Constructed of cavitation resistant, bright annealed 316L stainless steel.
- Welded inside and out for long-term stability and sturdy performance.
- Cove corner construction with ground and polished welds available.
- Sloped bottoms for easy draining.

Outstanding and consistent performance, process control and the ability to monitor output for consistent cleaning time after time. TRU-SWEEP sweep frequency eliminates inconsistent cleaning by sweeping a +/- 1kHz around the center frequency at a set repetitive rate. Standard two power options to vary cleaning from gentle for delicate parts to periodic short blasts of power for hard to clean parts. Three (3) controls including Amplitude control to vary ultrasonic power, Duty Cycle Control to control the amount of ultrasonic energy delivered and Frequency control to adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic energy reducing audible noise from subharmonics.

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