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My Medic Basic Emergency First Aid Kit Black
Manufacturer: My Medic
Model Number: MM-KIT-U-XL-BLK-BSC
Our Price: $799.95
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The molded comfort back panel provides semi-rigid, custom-fitting support, for maximum performance; adjustable padded shoulder straps, with sternum cinch and adjustable waist belt, ensuring this pack will stay with you and balance the load even in the most rigorous conditions. Side and top straps allow you to compress or expand depending on the load. Multiple inner pockets to organize and separate contents.

Made to rugged military standards with lots of MOLLE straps to add on whatever you need.

Whats Inside Guide:
CPR Shield 8in x 8in: 3
Flat Folded Mask: 5

Knuckle Bandage 1.5in x 3in: 10
Small Bandage 1 in x 3.25 in: 20
Pressure Bandage 4in x 5ft: 4
Secure Strip .25 in x 3in, 3 per Pack: 3
Small Gauze Pad 2in x 2in: 10
Krinkle Gauze: 4.5in x 12ft: 2
Multi-Trauma 10 in x 30 in: 3
Guaze Roll 2 in x 12.5ft: 2
Gauze Roll 4 in x 12.5ft: 2
Tourniquet 1.5in x 37in: 1
Knee/Elbow Bandage 3in x 3in: 10
Fingerrip Bandage 1.75in x 2in: 10
Large Bandage 2in x 4in: 10
Large Gauze Pad 4inx 4in: 10
Combine Pad 5in x 9in: 5
Oval Eyepad 2.5in x 1.5in: 4
Gauze Roll 3in x 12.5ft: 2
Gauze Roll 6in x 12.5ft: 1

Burnshield Gel 3.5ml: 10
Burn Spray 3 fl oz: 1

Survival Blanket 82in x 55in: 5

Thermometer Digital: 1
Skin Stapler 1.25in x 3in: 1
Nitrile Gloves 2 per pack Large: 10
Surgical Tape Waterproof 1in X 30ft: 1
Staple Removal kit 3.5 in: 1
Large Cold Pack 5in x 9in: 2
Hot Pack 2in x 9in: 2
Pen Light 5.5in: 1
EMT Shears 7.25in: 2
Tweezers 4.5in: 2
Gloves 2 per pack Medium:5
Surgical Tape Clear 1in x 30ft: 1
Syringe 60cc 2 oz Non-Needle: 1
Small Cold Pack 4in x5in: 2

Sprain & Fracture:
Arm/Leg Splint 4in x 33in: 2
Sensi-Wrap 2in x 5ft: 2
Elastic Bandage 2in x 15ft: 2
Triangular Bandage 40in x 40in x 56in: 3
Fingure Splint 1.75in x 3.75in: 3
Sensi-wrap 1in x 5ft: 2
Elastic Bandage: 3in x 15ft: 2

Antibiotic Ointment 0.9g:10
Lip Balm 0.5g: 10
Sunscreen SPF30: 10
Sting Relief Wipe 2% Lidocaine: 10
Hand Wipe: 10
Anit-Itch Cream: 10
Oral Pain Relief: 10
Petrolatum: 5
BZK Towelette: 10
Alcohol Prep Pad: 10
Eye Wash: 2
Gold Bond: 1
Dynalube: 3

- 700+ First Aid & Trauma Items
- Custom Molded Back Panel
- Heavy Duty Non-Rusting Zippers
- Side Securing Straps
- Adjustable Waist Belt
- Reinforced Carry Handle
- MOLLE System for Universal Mounting of Extra Pouches
- Metal D-Rings
- Hydration Hose Guides and Outlet
- Adjustable Harness
- OSHA & ANSI Approved
- FSA/HSA Approved Purchase


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