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Ewater Whole Home Filtration System with Bone Char and New BioEnergies
Manufacturer: Ewater
Model Number: WHEWS
Our Price: $1,950.75
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This is a compact system designed for homes with three or less bathrooms with showers. This is an in-and-out system that requires no back wash, drain line connection, or electricity.

Multi-Bed Purification Technologies.
Pre-filtration keeps the media surfaces clean for maximum volatile chemical removal efficiency and chlorine by-product removal (efficient and economical). KDF Treatment breaks down chlorine to chloride in the initial stage following pre-filtration, extending the life of the carbon media surfaces that follow. It also knocks down biological activity if present in the water, while contributing to maintaining a biologically clean unit as well. The heavy metal reduction, especially lead, is achieved primarily in this first stage following pre-filtration as well. Bituminous and coconut shell carbon for maximum chlorine by product removal and chemical, pesticide and volatile chemical reduction.

Brazilian Bone Char, the very best in the world. This is the only fluoride removal media I have found practical over the years for whole home systems, and I am grateful that this media is again available. Even though fluoride is not a major hazard externally on the body, it is good to know that if any family member drinks water in the house other than at the reverse osmosis or other true purification appliance in the kitchen their exposure to fluoride is minimized.

Catalytic Carbon, known best for its ability to deal with the ammonia compounds now so foolishly being put into our drinking water by the municipalities to extend the life of the disinfection over distance. This ammonia kills our fish, but it is O.K. for our kids according to the authorities. We therefore have to make our own decisions. This Catalytic Carbon bed will reduce the ammonia levels better than other carbons available, while retaining many of the qualities of other activated carbons. This will also deal well with rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulfide) and polishes the taste of the water very well.

Structuring magnetics and energizing far-infrared technologies work together to give you highly efficient water, erasing memory imprints of toxins already removed, without salts or chemicals.

eHarmonic Technology is being used in this system exclusively, bringing the coherent harmonics accessed only with eHarmonic Technology. These properties are now available in every shower and bath, as well as the drinking water throughout the house, even after passing through the Reverse Osmosis unit that should always be part of a whole home solution at the kitchen sink.

The Ewater Fluoride Reducing Whole Home system is the very best practical solution for most family homes or small businesses. Simply add an under-counter Essential Reverse Osmosis unit and you will be very pleased with years of affordable results.

Guarantee: A five year equipment guarantee and a five year pro rated media tank guarantee is provided with each system installed on any municipal water supply. On non-municipal systems, any noticeable iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide must be removed before water enters the E Water Whole Home Filter and Revitalization System for warranty to be valid.

***These systems are built to order. Build times can take up to 15 days. This includes research time to make sure that the media used will address your cities water quality report.

Simply The Best Filtration!
The Ewater Whole Home Filter System is unique in that it combines the best of traditional chlorine & chemical filtration with the energetic breakthroughs available today. This means more benefit to each and every family member. In addition, special media for fluoride and ammonia reduction make this a rare find at its affordable price, offering even more protection for those who seek it.

Healthier Skin and Hair
Lower your contact with damaging synthetic chemicals and chlorine which may cause dry skin and brittle hair. Bathe and shower in Ewater filtered water for noticeable improvement in the health of your skin and hair

Intelligent Design
Intelligently engineered to maximize potent filtration media for ultimate performance. The Ewater Whole Home System's unique upflow, dual tank design increases water contact time with contaminant grabbing media and prevents clogging or media channeling. Unlike other whole house filters that require messy, complicated media replacements, Our system is designed for quick, easy tank replacements. Long-lasting systems last 5 years or 500,000 gallons before needing to be replaced.


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